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Did anyone rise early to see the lunar eclipse?

The full eclipse will be visible in the western U.S., with a partial eclipse visible on the east coast. If you’re not in a geographic zone with visibility of the full eclipse, NASA is beginning streaming coverage of the event on its website at 5:30 a.m. ET.


Did anyone rise early to see the lunar eclipse?





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My husband and I did but it wasn't as much as we thought we would see. He had special glasses from his Welding job, so that was good too.
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The beginning phase was the most exciting!01/31/1801/31/18




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@AARPLynne  We did watch, and it was spectacular.  I agree, the beginning was the most incredible portion, though the half point, too, was some kindof something. Thanks for posting the image.



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Yes!  It was magnificient!


I did and it was spectacular.  Being in Florida allowed for a partial lunar eclipse but with perfect skies it sure made for a geat morning delight.

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