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They had no problem taking my money when I signed up then I couldn't get anything accomplished from there. Site kept rejecting my user name & password... Even after I changed it twice. Tried their chat room for help, useless. Tried their tech desk for help, useless Tech support couldn't figure out how to send me an email????? So they wanted to escalate my tech help to the next level, give us your phone number they said and our [even better] tech department will take up to FIVE days to call you back (must be Mr. Magoo), all the while I am unable use their site or the money I paid to use it.

There seems to be an assumption that all "old" people are s - l - o - w, infirm and stupid because thats how I feel I was treated. I know they do some good things but come on now. I use the Firefox Quantum browser... Because I AM concerned about my privacy and vulnerability on the web. Their most useful (less) suggestion was to use Google Chrome. Why would I use Google anything if I use firefox. There is no understanding of the world wide web, dark web or technology in general at AARP. Selling your personal information and browsing habits is AARP's number one and only priority.

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@SvenOdin  Point of clarification: you can use this web site without being a member. Being a member gets you perks, of course, but you can use the site without being a member. Just so you know.


As to the rest, well ... it kinda sorta sounds to me like you should try customer service again, but this time via their email address, Once they have your email to them, they can easily respond, right? Right.


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Point one, figured it out on my own but thank you.
Point two, I'm going to assume that they can not be as clueless or condicending vie email (fingers crossed).
Believe I'm allowed to vent a little... and, so yeah I'll give it another try as I grow into it. Thanks Julius
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