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Christmas Memories: PRICELESS!!

Sitting  listening to old Christmas music on my computer, a flood of memories going through my mind. Lot’s of childhood memories from my past suddenly comes back to me.


Living in Chicago, as “The Hawk” blows its cold winds, ice, sleet and snow; counting down the days of Christmas vacation comes close and being  anxious as  Christmas turns the corner as we await for it to come but seems like it’s not coming fast enough. Christmas plays and Christmas parties let’s us get together with classmates once more before we see each other in January.


Mom  would drags the  Christmas tree in the living room as we clean and prepare for this most festive time of the year looking forward in putting up the tree and all the decorations with reefs and all sorts of colors to brighten up the house. Getting the tree ready so suited for many presents under the tree.


The warmth of something hot to drink as we sit somewhere warm looking at the bright lights of the tree beautifully decorated with it’s multiple colors of reds, greens and blues.  The wonders of Christmas shinning brightly and the joy it brings.


The smell of what’s cooking in the kitchen so deliciously until you can’t wait to taste it and fill your stomachs until you can’t fill it anymore as mom and grandma cooks up a storm making preparations of a wonderful meal.


The joy of Christmas can be felt all around and that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Kenneth R. Jenkins
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