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A Typical Atypical Walk in Waikiki

My most recent walk in Waikiki was unusually eventful. As I got started, I saw at least a dozen elderly men smoking cigarettes as they randomly began to pass by me. They were so fanatically devoted to their addiction that it was amazing that they were still mobile. The stench was so overpowering that I almost gagged. But there was a saving grace. Each person gave me a warm greeting: from a heartfelt hello to what a great day it was, and I should enjoy every moment of it. So much for being judgmental!

Continuing down the street, I encountered a crowd of variously disabled young men and women. They progressed slowly and silently. Some of them had difficulty maneuvering with canes or walkers; a few others were edging along in wheelchairs. I was beginning to feel gloomy, but I soon rebounded. Before the procession turned the corner, they all smiled and waved at me. Unexpected graciousness galore!

As I was nearing the end of my jaunt, I saw two strange sights: an ecstatically grinning young man who while driving across the street had most of his left foot sticking out of the window, and a stoic young lady who was covering her head with a large mailing box to protect her from the sun. Anomalies anonymous!

Sometimes walking in Waikiki is a bit surreal; despite a few initial setbacks, I end up appreciating every moment.

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