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Tip from AARP Teri - Promo Points!

Promo codes are not included in monthly statements, but they can be found in our AARP Rewards newsletter.  Sign up here - 


It has some great information that you can use on topics like health and money, plus promo codes! Look for it in your inbox every Tuesday and Friday!


Why didn’t my promo code work?

  • Special characters (non-alphanumeric) are not supported, including spaces, so the promo code will never have a space.
  • You can find the code within the AARP Rewards Newsletter.
  • The promo code can also be found in the promo code module, upside down underneath the button.



Did you receive an answer about points having time limits?



Periodic Contributor

Hello @AARPTeri ,


Do the promo codes expire? I tried to input a few from emails received in December and I receive the message they are not recognized.


Thank you,



I have not been successful with entering Promo Codes for a very long time.  I guess u can’t go back to previous newsletters.  And I am a member of Staying Sharp.  Disappointing.  

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