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Rewards and AARP Right Again Trivia Game

We’re pleased to announce the launch of AARP’s Right Again! Trivia game where you can earn AARP Rewards Points while answering trivia and unveiling a puzzle, and have some fun! It’s a great way to let your genius out to play and see how much you know.


Play Right Again! Triviatm here on AARP Games. It’s open to everyone to play, and a new game is added every day.  


AARP Members get exclusive PowerUps, the ad-free Video Watch Bonus and 14 days access to previous games. See how smart you are, again and again!


AARP Rewards participants can redeem Rewards points for exclusive PowerUps and earn Rewards points when you complete the game. Double win!


Give Right Again! Trivia a try today and let us know what you think!  Share any tips you may have here!

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NEW: AARP Games Tournament Tuesdays! Achieve a top score in Right Again! Trivia and you could win up to $300 in prizes! Learn More.

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