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Making The Most Of The AARP Rewards Program

Did you know with your AARP membership you can get an additional card for another household member at no charge? This way, even the $5 gift cards for points can end up being $10 or $30 worth for the month. In my opinion, $10 can go a ways at places like Starbucks, Walmart or Target.

My husband and I often pair the gift cards for points with the gift cards for purchase; or the Daily Deals with the regular ones. For example, we purchased two $20 REI gift cards for $14 each and a Daily Deal $10 one for $8. This saved us $14, more than our AARP membership. 
Another way we save is by signing up to receive emails from places we have gift cards. For example, Applebees provides a $5 coupon for doing so.

Also, you can usually use coupons along with gift cards. We recently saved at Burger King by doing so.

Lastly, our combined Instant Wins have been added bonuses!

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Can I get an additional card for my cat? He's a senior in cat years. 😁


I picked up a points only gift card to an online pet store a month or so ago and had my dad get the same one for me (we trade off gift cards). Was able to get about a year's supply of my cat's medications with them. Saved me about $25 a month for the next year. 

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I only noticed that you got money off on gift cards and not very much at that.

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I waste too many points on the sweepstakes, which are virtually impossible to win.  And I've never been lucky enough to score an Instant Win although I've used thousands of points trying to do so.  My big score was a $5 Amazon gift card for 18,000 points.  I find that most of the gift card options don't interest me.  


It's pretty much a waste of time earning points. Most of the discounts I can get somewhere else. The odds of winning a sweepstake is impossible, it seems. The number I have entered the odds some have let me win one. May have to find a better way of using my time.


I totally agree with you.  I am glad there is this forum to vent

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I agree.  The gifts were very disappointing, but I do like my membership.

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