Do it myself repairs and crafts

I have made many repairs, since my husband has always been inept.  What I don't know already how to do for a repair, youtube is my friend.  There are so many experts that have youtubes for repairs.  I have also stopped buying more kits or yarn for crafts.  I just took out my cross stitched crafts that need to be either framed or made into pillows.  I bought clear bins to store my yarn stash and was shocked by how much I had.  No more buying for me. I do my crafts while my husband has the TV on and I feel like I am accomplishing something than being a couch potato. I also started giving my adult kids lots of the Christmas ornaments that I had made.  I have made a promise to myself to finish the crafts that I already have and not buy more. Now my only weakness is to buy more plants. Always room for another.


Yep — YouTube ain't just for funny cat videos or 1960s Bert Kaempfert songs! I go there all the time for DIY / repair help. 


Type in what you're looking for and nine times out of ten, someone has posted a video about it — of varying helpfulness.


The "settings" (gear) icon is indispensable. Some of the people putting up these videos talk too [bleep!]ing slow. Push "Playback speed" up to 2X and you'll save time when you get stuck with one of...them...slow...talkers.


And that time when I was trying to learn how to properly change a tire on a bike, and the guy showing me was way, way too fast, well, you just know I slowed it down to 0.5 — and then all the little bike tube-changing nuances were that much clearer to my slow, slow brain.


Why, just last night, I learned some how to correctly use the hot glue gun holder that came with my hot glue gun (infuriatingly, without directions) — thanks to some nice lady on YouTube.  


Then, pleased with what I had accomplished, I rewarded myself by listening to "A Swingin' Safari."

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