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Did I get points? How to check my Rewards Activity

How do I tell if I got points for a Rewards Activity?


We recommend that you refresh your screen and check your Transaction History to see if your points are there!


Some common questions we get are;

Why didn't I get points after watching a video

All videos must be watched until the end to receive points. Please look at the video's point-earning frequency, as some may earn daily, weekly, or monthly. 

If you navigate away from the window to turn your focus to something else, the video will pause, and you will not earn points. Please return to the video to continue watching.  

You will not earn points if you try to fast-forward during video play. 

Only one video can be watched at a time to earn points. Please ensure you do not have more than one browser tab open. 


Activity not fully completed

Have you fully completed your activity? Quizzes, tools, and calculators require you to submit the answers or required information to receive points at the end of the activity.

Maxed out daily point limit

You may not be receiving additional points if you've maxed out on your daily point limit:

  • Members can earn up to 7,500 points daily.
  • Non-members can earn up to 5,000 points daily.

Badges on activities will be grayed out if you've reached your limit. You can get back to earning points tomorrow at 12:01 a.m. ET.

Periodic Contributor

This morning the rewards earn and redemption activities have repeatedly resulted in error messages that indicate technical difficulties, or they say the points were earned, but they need more time to award the points. Went to do some garden tasks and came back later, but still no points in the transaction record , and the check mark indicating completion was still not checked. This applied to games, videos, and quizzes.  Early on a Sunday morning doesn't seem like it would be an especially busy time for the site, especially on Mother's Day.  I kept trying and eventually had to repeat many activities to earn my daily points.  This can be very frustrating and perhaps indicates another maintenance window is needed soon , perhaps to do whatever seems to reorganize the database and restore acceptable response time and functionality.  Thanks for listening!

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To check if you’ve earned points for a Rewards Activity, refresh your screen and view your Transaction History. Ensure you watch videos to the end without fast-forwarding or switching tabs to receive points. Publix passport benefits

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