Creating Safe and Easy to Remember Passwords

Creating a password that is not only safe but easy to remember is always hard. There are still people who set their password to the default or something like password123. 

The easy way to create safe and easy to remember passwords is to create a statement or saying with letters and numbers. Here are some examples:

  • Uhave4cats! 
  • Bee4Ugo2?
  • BeforeUgo2!
  • BefourUgo2it?
  • Those8kitsRhard1s

The key is to make up a generic sentence or statement without any specific information about yourself and substitute numbers, misspelling, and special characters that are easy for you to remember. 

Also, I usually write it out first, then practice typing it on the keyboard to see how easy it is to type and remember. You may find some combinations that are difficult to type or remember. 

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That's a good idea. But why not use a password manager? I was just reading this article on AARP personal technology webpage about using a password manager. I had wondered about safety issues with the browser versions on Chrome and Safari. I started using Chrome during the pandemic because I was / am constantly shopping on apps. Apparently, both are quite safe to use.



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