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AARP Rewards Tip – Interactive Learning

You can now earn points by answering questions at the end of some AARP articles. Be sure to look for the AARP Rewards badge for eligible articles.


Interactive Learning will help you score up to 75 points each!


Visit the AARP Rewards Earn Page for a complete list of all activities including the new Interactive Learning opportunities at


Keep earning and learning!


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@andrewtoo @ralmon 

Indeed Andrew & Ralmon it entails quiet a search to find from earns page 

1st one I saw and did was about 'Caregiving in pandemic' very good reading .... it was a link from doing quiz listed in email which led to it.. part of an extra credit 🤔 series So if y'all interested can find it from 1st Extra credit series in July

Normally I don't concern myself with earning extra credit activities ... just at times desire know the info and end up earning but I've not wanted anything they have offered as of yet

Happy Sunday 

Ginger ; )

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Hello Teri @AARPTeri 


I haven't seen any articles with a 75 point rewards badge as yet.


Can you give us a couple of links when they start producing articles with badges?


Thanks so much!




Since no one answered my question at the time, I spent the time See More'ing every single activity, then searched for 75.


I found several labeled as Quiz, but that did not show up if you filtered by Quiz. They are basically 1-question quizzes. Here is one example:


I didn't check to see how many there are, as I lost interest right away due to them being hard to locate. I suppose if I run out of Tools/Calculators near the end of the month, they can come in handy.




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Thanks for the links.  I hope there is an option for sorting earnings opportunities for points by lowest value and highest value.  A sort by lowest point value would put the new quizzes near the top of the list with the "tools and calculators."  




I saw for myself how difficult finding the new quizzes can be after reading your post.  I found them by sorting by "point value" for all "types" in the filter and they are on the last page, after seymouring through all of the earning opportunities.  I can understand why you might lose interest in finding them until the quizzes and/or filter is updated. FYI...I found three 75-point quizzes on the earn page today.  @AARPTeri posted the links to these, but I wondered how I might find them myself.



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Community Manager

@ralmon @andrewtoo 


The team is working on getting this new earning type added to the filter.


Here are the first Interactive Learning activities with more in the next few weeks. 


Prepare your estate planning documents


How to avoid common Medicare mistakes


What does Medicare cost?



Hi @AARPTeri 


Can there please be a filter for this? I'm not sure what to look for and there are hundreds of activities to page through.




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