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Silence is Golden

For decades, scientists have linked practices such as prayer and meditation to better health, but they haven’t understood exactly why. Recent research has begun to unravel how such practices might have a positive impact on the brain. Learn more in this article. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more brain health information.


I'm surprised this article didn't talk about brain wave states. I'm also surprised that it doesn't distinguish what could be described as anxious or panicked prayer  -- the type uttered when you're scared, feeling threatened, or hoping to intercede with someone else's behavior that you think is dangerous or self-destructive -- versus what I'd call spiritual alignment prayer, which is functionally just another kind of meditation but one that is directed towards a deity of some kind.


My earliest intro to meditation was from Shinzen Young. I don't think his instructional tape has been converted to an MP3 file, but there are some videos for purchase on his website and on YouTube.


Here's a good and easy to comprehend article on the 5 brain wave levels:

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