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Need help getting off the couch?

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When I retired at 67 I KNEW I wanted to retire and enjoy some of the parts of my life that I had not been able to dedicate more time to.  Although I had recently had an accident which still limits my ability to stand for very long or walk very far.  At that time I had two dogs --- one old and one young and in need of training.  I signed us up for obedience classes, which welcomes handlers of all abilities though I forced myself to move more and gave myself physical challenges in my head to meet and exceed.  Those classes led to obedience competitions, which led to many more friends that were "like-minded".  Through that class I discovered Scentwork (and competitions.  More movement and more friends.) and then Barnhunt.  More movement, friends, and competitions.  Though I still use a walker with a seat when necessary, I know that thanks to my dog and encouragement from a whole new village of friends I'm moving further and faster than I ever dreamed possible.  And still challenging myself to continue to move more.


Hello Maggie, Any advice for the following from me: >>>>

Please allow me to introduce myself. I'm a 65-year-old male, an AARP Member and currently on SSD for disabilities. My last F/T employment ended August 2012. I was a CST, (Certified Surgical Technologist) in a Level one Trauma Center. I resigned due to health issues; thus, I am no longer Certified! 

Currently, unable to Walk or Stand for periods of time anymore. I’m not wheelchair bound. I still get around okay. Being on SSD, I believe I’m allowed to still earn some extra income staying below their guidelines though. Right now, I am very serious about doing something ‘yet’ with my life but really don’t have the skills to do Remote Type work! At 65, I feel that there must be “something out there”, career wise that I can Learn New, to work from home. I just DON’T where to start, how to start, what options I may have to accomplish what I want. What I want is to Learn a new career (online), so that maybe I could land a job making a little extra income plus it will help with my self-esteem, etc. Even though I’m disabled as described above, I still have an “active brain” to learn more in my life. I just need some help and guidance with this new endeavor. I do now currently have any College degrees just was once Certified by the AST, (Association of Surgical Technologists). Right now, first, I’m investigating Free home courses to “Learn how to Type” to gain some skills with that. From there, I wish there were something that I could do remotely using my Skills as a CST in a Teaching Type Platform or something, even though I have no teaching experience. Or something else in the Medical Field that I can do remotely? Clerical, Billing, Customer Service, Operating Room, Medical Equipment Representative of some sort, etc.

I hope you can appreciate my position here and hopefully I can gain some help and guidance here. Much appreciated for any information you can provide to me.

Thank You


Thomas Brown

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Please do not post personal details in public areas of the community


Dear Thomas,

Thank you for your message. I have two suggestions for you—first, you can visit the AARP jobs section for experienced workers to see if there are any employment opportunities in your area. Secondly, I encourage you to contact your state AARP office and speak with them about local resources in your area for part-time work or volunteer opportunities. 


Best wishes,


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