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Making Happiness a Habit

Happiness is an important component of your well-being. Explore habits that may increase happiness — from connecting with others to practicing kindness — in the Pursuit of Happiness challenge. You’ll learn about the science of happiness and about the building blocks you need to create your best self. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more information on brain health.

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----TED Talk on Happiness by Tibetan Buddhist Monk Matthieu Ricard...

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You can find the talk by entering the title below in the You Tube Search function:

-----The habits of happiness | Matthieu Ricard

----- What is happiness, and how can we all get some? Buddhist monk, photographer and author Matthieu Ricard has devoted his life to these questions, and his answer is influenced by his faith as well as by his scientific turn of mind: We can train our minds in habits of happiness. Interwoven with his talk are stunning photographs of the Himalayas and of his spiritual community.

Matthieu Ricard French writer, photographer, translator and Buddhist monk.

----Matthieu Ricard grew up among the personalities and ideas of French intellectual circles. He received a PhD degree from the Pasteur Institute in 1972. He received the French National Order of Merit  for his humanitarian work in the East.

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