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Lower Prescription Drug Prices

While everyone talks about lowering prescription drug prices, Mark Cuban stepped up and started Cost Plus Drug Co. to be the low-cost provider of prescription drugs. More drugs are being added each month to the list of medications being offered at discount prices. Go to to find out if you can benefit from the low prices being offered.

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Hopefully that will help some.

What is needed is an entire overhaul of the entire way drugs are produced and regulated.

It is relatively easy to create low cost drugs.  The companies just don't want to do it.  They don't want to serve the public, they just want to make money.

I don't think most folks realize that when companies make these kinds of extreme choices with their products, and endanger people's lives, the government literally has a right to declare them a societal problem, revoke their corporate charter and seize all their assets.  

Maybe if the government did that to a few companies and laid down the law, the rest would stop defying common decency and fall in line.

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But they are ALL generic - that may help a few people but it isn't where the real problem lies.

Many of the higher cost meds are BIOLOGICS which have no generic equivalent because they come from living sources.  

Some of these biologic agents have biosimilar relatives but the one thing about it is they are SIMILAR only - not like a chemical drug that can have an exact generic in chemical compound.


There are many places people can check to see if they can get their drugs cheaper but you can't use both insurance (Part D) and a cheaper distributor and you probably aren't gonna find brand names or biologics on the cheaper distributors list.


But check it out by all means - 

It's Always Something . . . . Roseanna Roseannadanna
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