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From Cha-Cha to Tai Chi

We all know exercise is good for our health, but that doesn't mean we have to use a yoga mat or exercise ball to get moving. Consider learning a new Latin dance or, if you want something slower, perhaps learn Tai Chi, an ancient Chinese practice, sometimes referred to as “moving meditation". What's your next 'move'? Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more information on ways to get moving.


I start my day off with Denise Austin and stretch and tone, also her belly fat blast. I’ll mix it up with Bryant Johnson and his weight exercises. I then do half an hour of stationary bike. It makes my day.

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12 oz elbow bend!

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I personally enjoy Bryant Johnson's and Lorraine Ladish's exercise videos as they both promote how to use items in home as opposed to buying equipment. They both conduct their exercise videos promoting taking one's own pace, and enjoying the session, which I so enjoy.


Thank you AARP for these exercise videos that truly help me!



Phil Harris, actor and showman, to John Fogerty of CCR: “If I’d known I’d live this long, I’d have taken better care of myself.”
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The AARP videos are short and doable for the most part. I've never been one to do formal exercises other than just walking, but I find that I enjoy these. I agree with the comment about using items in the home and I also find that there are videos that don't require you to get on the floor (I can get dizzy doing these) and some that can be done from a chair. The April Hattori/Aiko Sokolowski videos offer options for standing and seated exercises.

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