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Can You Eat Healthy For Two Days?

Who knows, it might change your entire diet along with your notion of what is 'healthy food'. Try these great recipes for each meal of the day, starting with a bowl of plain Greek yogurt mixed with lots of berries, followed by a scrambled egg and whole-wheat toast. Visit AARP® Staying Sharp® for more recipes with healthy ingredients.


Thanks for sharing these healthy recipes! Eating healthy for just two days can make a difference, and it could lead to a long-term change in your diet. Using organic natural foods in your recipes is a great way to ensure you get the best quality and nutrition. I love starting my day with Greek yogurt and berries; it's a delicious and nutritious way to kickstart your morning.

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On the weekend, sure!  It's the weekdays that are hard.  My healthiest meals are pan cooked salmon with roast potatoes and sauteed asparagus; chicken breast braised in a couple cans of Herdez tomatillo green chile salsa with roasted sweet potatoes; lettuce wraps made with ground chicken or turkey; and kebabs grilled with chunks of beef, pork, or chicken and usually mushrooms, shallots, bell peppers, and cherry tomatoes, served on bulgur (quicker, tastier, and lower carb than rice).

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All are my favorites, especially! salmon 💖   I broil the salmon and roast the asparagus.


We have found our air fryer a great aid for eating lower fat foods. We recently used it to cook some chicken drumsticks and thighs. I couldn't believe how much fat came out on the drip tray! The meat was tender and juicy, not fatty, even the skins. I have been using the rotisserie function to find the same results for a whole chicken. We have a large enough air fryer to do this, but a smaller one should work to roast it with the same results. Just put the chicken on a drip rack. Healthy protein with reduced calories. Love it. I think that this might also apply to other meats, though we do love our chicken.

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Thanks for explaining air fryer.  For some reason I was thinking of traditional frying with oil when actually it does the opposite and the fat ends up in a drip tray, not me! 😍

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Thanks for the tip Maggie - Staying Sharp really does have some great and practical recipes!


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So far, I've lost around 65lbs. I need to lose around 150lbs more in order to be in my "healthy" BMI range. Its going pretty good. I follow a vegetarian, diabetic diet. Everyone in my crew that has been on the same weight loss journey with me has lost a minimum of 50lbs each. We started at the end of November 2021.


I am vegan and still get surprised at how AARP  never acknowledges veganism as healthy or offers a vegan recipe in any of its food columns, videos, cooking classes or includes a discussion of being vegan in its health information...just completely ignores vegetarianism and veganism.  There's a big older adult group of us out here.

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Thank you, dmackillop, about your input on veganism.  Yes, an article and/or recipes would be helpful for those of us who do not know a whole lot about vegan like me.  It seems like I saw recipes on AARP that seemed like they would be vegan but I do not remember exactly where -- maybe in the Staying Sharp section. 


I think I eat healthy.  I do not know if vegetables are vegan, but l have always enjoyed vegetables and find new ways to prepare them from AARP recipes.  I enjoy stir fry with all kinds of veggies and simply add whatever is in the refrigerator or freezer. 


And, there are nutrition articles in AARP, the Staying Sharp section, and the Members Only section about healthy eating, too. 



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Hi there, and thanks for your comment. Not sure if you're familiar with AARP Staying Sharp, but there are a number of vegetarian recipes online at Staying Sharp is an AARP member benefit. Best, Maggie

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My child had gut issues from birth... so we have learned A LOT about healthy eating and most 'healthy' foods are not healthy for everyone.  Spinach is one that first comes to mind.  Find what works for you, do your research and keeping a food journal really does help (from a person who does not journal well).

One food that was most beneficial has been microgreens (you can easily grow your own!!!  check out this 16 yo kids company which is where we got our kit).

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The Staying Sharp program has been helping me to lose weight! I have been increasing my protein and fiber at each meal and decreasing everything else, including snacks in between meals. Thanks for the recipes!

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These recipes look great! I think I will try it. Thank you

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