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Tips for Atari Breakout on AARP Games

We hope you're enjoying the new Atari Breakout on AARP Games. There are some nuances to the gameplay on desktop and mobile and we hope the following tips will help with your gaming experience. If you have a tip of your own to share, please do post a reply below. Thank you and enjoy!


Game-Specific Tips:


Breakout: On desktop/laptop, be sure to keep your cursor inside the gameplay area or you won’t be able to slide the paddle.


Breakout: To move the paddles, use the touchpad or mouse or drag your finger on the mobile touchscreen. To drop a new ball, click on the gameplay area.



General Tips - All Atari Games:


On desktop or laptop, be sure to keep your cursor inside the gameplay area. Moving your cursor outside the gameplay area will pause the games. 


Using a mouse instead of your laptop’s touch pad can make for smoother play.


It is better to click rather than to use the space bar as instructed to start or resume a game. The space bar will sometimes cause the page to scroll, which we are in the process of correcting. 


More Atari game tips:




Missile Command



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