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Tips for 9 Ball Pool Game

Check out @Bevs20's tips for 9 Ball Pool Game!


  1. Hit and/or sink as many balls as possible in each shot.
  2. Don't play it as you would regular 9 ball, sinking the 9 early hurts your score.
  3. You have to play all 5 games to get a score over 100, and that does mean risk, and deliberately losing some games at the end, in order to play all 5 games in the series.  For example, just pocket the cue ball when only the 9 is left.
  4. Hit hard for many shots, unless you are in danger of losing the entire 5-game series *(not just that particular one.)   You get a higher score if 5 balls are hit, even if you only sink one ball.  Also, of course you can also get lucky and sink more that way.
  5. If you don't sink at least two balls on the first shot of the first game, start over.
  6. I like to aim at the one and 4, be careful not to hit the 2 in your opening shot.  Line up from the side, on the line to do this.
  7. Using English on the cue ball is very important in this game for your leave and multiple balls sinking in one shot.  If you aren't used to it, just practice during bad games.
  8. The computer is very good at long soft shots, and also rail shots, try not to leave the computer those shots.  It's not as good at bank shots or with balls that have nearly sunk and are almost in the hole.
  9. Go ahead and foul, it's better to sink a ball that isn't the ball you are supposed to hit than not.  Only, of course, if you have NO shot on the correct ball, you get the same score anyway for pocketing any ball, you just won't get the next shot and the computer will have the ball in hand.

Why does the 9 ball drop out of the rack before the start of some rounds?


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