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Achieve a 7-Figure Score in Lumeno

@StephenL855985 is a Lumeno player who regularly scores between 2-3 million and suggests these strategies for boosting your score:


  • Play to leave as many boosts and arrows on the board as possible after each move regardless if it produces the highest score reduction. You must maintain the ability to have good moves for the next turn so don't wipe out the board even if you can.


  • Continue to choose long ball chains over point reduction moves because it will produce more boosts and flowers for future moves.


  • Look at the board carefully when eliminating balls to make sure your next move is set up for a good play.


  • Always try to choose at least four ball chains at a minimum because this guarantees at least one additional flower or boost next move.


  • You can keep your finger on the mouse to see the point reduction before releasing the play and then back up and try another combination, so that way you can try multiple moves before deciding which one will produce the most advantageous score.


  • After a chain of seven balls you get two additional boosts or arrows and after a chain of 17 you get an additional 4 or 5 per move.


Play Lumeno today!


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