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Divorce Stories!

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When we give our heart to someone we give our trust along with it. We give them the chance to make us happy as we do them,the chance to learn about us like no one else, the chance to love us and the chance to hurt us. When its right there is no better feeling on this wonderful earth. Waking up every morning and looking forward to sharing the day with someone we love and who loves us is simply the best it can be. No feeling can take us any higher,but with that comes the chance of betrayal,lies,or simply the change of a heart. The low we feel is crushing for so many reasons. So many questions will go unanswered, so many tears,so many judgements. For a lot of us ,the strength to try again eventually sprouts within us and I applaud and envy those lucky ones. For others the low is lower than the high is high so we resolve to live our lives the best we can and nurture the happiness that might be left to us. In both choices there is the hope you speak of. May we all find it.

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