Warning AARP Insurance Significantly Overpriced

I am a disabled white collar worker and received medicare at age 61. Because I am under 65 I cannot get a medicare supplement the same as those 65 and older. I am only eligible for a "Medicare Advantage" plan that supercedes Medicare. 


I applied for the plan offered and advertised through AARP UnitedHealthcare, assuming it would be market competitive. I was clearly wrong. Fortunately it was only October through the end of the year. UHC policy was $190/month, no dental or vision. My new policy with BCBS of South Carolina, same deductible and out of pocket, WITH dental and vision is $30/month. 


Since I was new to AARP last year 2019, I let them also quote my auto insurance through several providers. Apples to apples benefits and my GEICO policy is 40% lower. 


Bottom line, discounts for food, lodging, and entertainment are useful, business products such as all forms of insurance, mortgages, etc., are far less expensive in the public sector. Do your due diligence before purchasing. 

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