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Spanish language programs

I want to learn Spanish.  There are too many options advertised and across a wide price range.  Wondering if any members have a experience (positive or negative) with any particular tool or method.  Any advise would be appreciated.

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Hi Jeffrey,

I am a semi-retired Spanish teacher.  I still giving tutorials for and

A self-instruction would be Duolingo.  It has a lot of materials and levels. 

Also, you can contact a private tutor and make a suitable arrangement for classes online.

Another option would be the Senior Community Centers, most of the time they offer free classes.

Best luck.

Beatriz Cortes
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Hi @JeffreyB901948 I see you have the AARP newbie title, welcome 🙂 Do you want the FREE ones or the ones you pay for?

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And, I am wondering how you could tell I am a "Newbie?"  I don't see a flag or identifier on either my name or yours.

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Lol @JeffreyB901948 just like you saw my AARP title of Bronze Conversationalist, I saw your title of Newbie which is now Periodic Contributor. Apparently our TITLES change the more involved we become. I was a newbie when I joined October 2019. There is a post about their titles if you are interested to know your NEXT title promotion.

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Angela, cost is certainly a factor, but number 1 consideration would be "probability of success."  I want a program that has a good track record.  It's hard to tell from all the advertising literature ... it's the ad writers job to make what they are selling sound good.


I assume from your title, "Bronze Conversationalist" you are in the language business?  What is your experience?


Thanks for the reply.

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Hi @JeffreyB901948 I am just like you and RE-LEARNING Spanish at age 63. I did Spanish and French in High School but didnot continue. I am cheap and other than BUYING some books, CDs, flashcards - I use YouTube. My challenge is CONVERSATIONAL. They talk so FAST, they lose me/lol. If you are AGE 60+, you can attend any Spanish Courses for FREE at your local STATE college/university. They offer both online and on campus.

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