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I am a nurse and I feel a good one since others around say I am.  I just feel sad that I was dismissed from my job because they did not accept my religious accommodation form.  They did however accept someone else's but I feel is is due to my age even though I do not look or act like it. 

It is very hard for me because now I cannot work and it makes me a little antsy. I am however trying to work through it but I really miss my job as a nurse.  

Cheryl Purtee
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Been a while since I checked the AARP forums. Very sorry that you lost your job because this country no longer respects religion as anything important. 


Hopefully you still have not gotten the jab but have managed to find gainful employment.  Approximately 10,000 Americans dead, and another 10,000 permanently disabled, due to vaccines (as reported in VAERs, with other non-U.S. reporting systems also reporting alarming numbers) tells you all you need to know.


It was recently revealed by three Department of Defense whistle blowers that in September 2021, record numbers of cases of cancer, heart disease, and miscarriages were showing up among our military. You would think that with all the vaxxing that was mandated, such numbers would decrease, not increase. And the increases were huge. The DoD also found that the majority of hospitalized Covid cases were vaxxed people.  All of this was reported to F**ci and his minions. F**ci then had the nerve to turn around and tell the American people that all the new cases of illness were caused by "a crisis of the UNvaxed". He totally knew it was the opposite.  Cheryl, but you did the right thing.  If you go here, you can listen to some nurses I think you will empathize with:     Nurse testimony is at approximately 4:45:05 into the clip.  There is more nurse testimony at 03:59:00.


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@cherylp273702  I would think hospitals would be begging nurses to stay with COVID numbers as high as they are now.  The amount of burnout is through the roof.  This situation sounds odd.  Was wondering if there is more to the story.

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Interesting video editorial in The NY Times. Hospitals are not hiring nurses because they want to make money. 

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It seems more like age discrimination . As a retired RN myself I know that sometimes companies would force an  older employee  to retire  and hire a younger person without that  wealth of experience and pay that person less. 



has been with the company

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Sounds like discrimination, may want to pursue, I know plenty of nurse's who had their religious accommodation accepted so not sure particularly what your work situation was like, companies are screaming for nurses these days. If it were me, unless there were many others in your age group who were let go because the accommodation request was not accepted, I would seek legal counsel. If it was a large employer, they may think they have the upper hand with the "we are bigger than you" mentality. Definitely seek counsel if you feel you want to put the energy into  that. Also, consider marketing yourself elsewhere, not all places require vaccination proof if this is what you were referring to. 

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