Greetings:     Just retired, would like to find a pen pal.  I was a caregiver for seniors, would like to enjoy just some good laughter, funny stories and happy thoughts with a new friend. I was especially fond of the older ladies, once they decided they liked me. (No fooling them) I am an honest 67-year-old single Grandmother of 2. I live with my daughter and her family. Just think of myself as an American Lady with a sense of humor.    Nancy

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Hi Nancy...

I am new and looking for pen pals. I was a CNA for 42 years and I am retired. I live in Oregon and enjoy writing people, sending cards, and making new friends... would love to start writing anybody interested ...

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Hello. I just wanted to welcome you to the community. I am new here myself and I've found everyone to be wonderfully warm and welcoming. I have no doubt that you will enjoy that as well if you are not already..

Again,welcome and enjoy.


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Hi, Nancy! I'd love to correspond but it would need to be email penpal as I am still not quite comfortable going to public places, which buying postage would require 😉


I'm 68 yo mom of 3 daughters and gmom of 7 (currently 3 boys and 4 girls; more to be, me thinks).


Drop me a message?


Also, @k409579l and wife, so envious of y'all! Enjoy your travels and I hope you enjoy as much as we did in the late 70s with the band! America is truly a land of beautiful and awe-inspiring sights!


If you have time, please post to these AARP community forums, including pics! Your sharing will be so appreciated! (Thank you in advance, if you can post those.)



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Hi there! If you’d like to receive postcards from around the co, my wife and I would love to have a vicarious travel buddy! We leave 5/15 for a 6 month, 10K mile trip around the USA.

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