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On the occasion of hard times

I hope you are well.  I am a good cook and I like to write.


I was raised on a farm in Eastern Washington.  Great experience, having, hunting and fishing.  Had a great dad, full of humor.


I would love to find a penpal.




Good Morning Tom,

    I have family members who live in Western Washington, and with you all being in "lockdown" I understand that it is hard. These times are a challenge, however, I just take it one day at a time as it is all we can do. 

   I would enjoy having a penpal through email, 


Regular Contributor

Hi Tom,

I do too like to cook and would love to live in a farm but I have to accept what I have. 

I live in Orlando, this is my second year, trying to adapt.

Where do you live right now?

I like to do meditation and walks when I can.


Beatriz Cortes
Silver Conversationalist

Hey there Tom! I'm not the pen pal type really but I know how it feels to say hello and then hear only silence back. So I just thought that I'd welcome you to paradise, such as it is. There's a lot to see and I'm sure that you'll find someone to be a pen pal with. If you have any questions aboy how things work around here, I can help, some probably. But the best thing to do is just poke your head into everything and keep saying those hellos. Eventually someone's gonna reply. Or at least I hope they do. I've met shy kids in my life, heck, I was one but shy adults are a new one for me. Anyhow, welcome aboard, friendly and outgoing people are a real treat to see here!

It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.
Bronze Conversationalist

It doesn't appear to me like Tom is receiving any shortage of greetings????

And I haven't found this community to have a shortage of friendly and outgoing people, at all.

Quite the opposite.  

Hey Tom!  Welcome!   Nice to have you here.   Enjoy!!   

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