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Hi everyone I'm new here just trying to get a feel for how this works. I'm in Jacksonville, Florida. 

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Greetings, md!

If you need help, just send up a smoke signal!   : )



Good Morning!

    I was up early too, my kitten decided he needed company. I really enjoy being here and meeting new people.  I am in Illinois, so like our friend from Ohio can't meet for coffee in person but we could through zoom or google.


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Hey there, early riser! Welcome to the wonderful world of AARP.ORG. It looks as though you've figured out how to use the message boards. I just thought I'd try to squeeze a message in before you were overwhelmed with responses. I've been on here for a little while and in so being, I've learned a little bit. I'm in Ohio so we probably can't meet for coffee anytime soon but it's good to meet someone new. If you have questions, just post. Someone will probably answer eventually.

It's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice.
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