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This site needs more communication between members.  What will encourage people to stay connected on this site?  We need more member participation.



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Thank you, ladies, for your response.   I understand the frustration associated with using this site for social networking purposes.  It truly is difficult to figure out how the site is laid out and as far as posters go it seems the only ones who seem to be regulars are those with strong political opinions. 



This site needs more communication between members.  What will encourage people to stay connected on this site?  We need more member participation.




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I am so glad you asked. I enjoy this site and would really like to be more involved, but it isn’t easy for me to maneuver.  Like today, I got on to try and find my Penpal request that I posted about a month ago.  I have no idea where it is or if anyone responded.  It takes so much time to figure it out, so I don’t get on often.  I get the emails, but I don’t have time to read every post, so I ignore them. Right now I’m going through each one.  


It would be nice if there was a link on the front page to these forums, more info on how to and a quick link to tap if someone responded to something you posted in or something you want to follow, then I would login more often.  


Also, I don’t know how to turn my photo.  Ugh!  


Merry Christmas!  



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@m99255j  There is a help button on all of the pages in the community that should give you some guidelines and tips on how to find your way around better - here is the link:

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Hi @SIMPLEGAL How was the movie role (you were cast as an extra, correct?) How'd that go? And how are you?


To answer your question: I cannot speak for others, but I can tell you why I'm a virtual ghost here now:


I won. And I didn't.




I mean, there was a band of mean girls who were attacking me pritnear every time I posted ... and they are (basically) gone. Those that remain leave me alone. So yay: I out-endured them, which was my plan. (They were actually caustic to lots of newbs, and seemed to think they owned these boards so could police them in a manner of their choosing. I felt (and feel) that non-inclusive view was counterproductive to a thriving online community, so decided to take them on.)


But in the doing I fatigued of these boards and am now choosing to spend my time offline doing, seeing, learning, being, living. (Rah and huzzbah to me! :))


I mean, a non-TV watching, still-married, child-free, elder orphan senior athlete who has worked for herself since she was 15, I'm a-typical and sometimes don't relate to conversations here anyway. So.


That's me.


As to a suggestion regarding the revitalization of this community: I think a group of long time users who spent their time answering, welcoming and helping newbs would do a lot to get more people talking. 


Further, I think that while the political boards get the most traffic (and therefore are a moneymaker that is not going away any time soon), they are so immensely caustic in nature that they are a big turn-off, therefore I'm super glad about the way the recent site re-design pushed those threads down the page and invites people to jump off into other areas without even seeing all that surly nastiness. Go AARP!


That's my buck seventy-five. 🙂





"The key to success is to keep growing in all areas of life - mental, emotional, spiritual, as well as physical." Julius Erving
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