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I am married for 16 years and have been in a loveless marriage for 12 of the 16. I made a promise and a commitment and have tried very hard to honor these things. Seems as though when we met our goal - a "forever" home he didn't need to nurture our relationship and marriage. All he enjoys doing is working!

Ever since we have been in our forever home, it seems as though I've landed in the Twilight Zone! It's awful! I have health issues (back and neck problems) so I stay home.

So, as you can tell, I am very up front and honest to a fault. But, it would be nice to have someone to converse with that is uplifting.

PS... Not sure if I am opening pandora's box, when I shouldn't. But, I hope there is more to life than being in a marriage...all alone!

There is only one happiness in love and to be loved.
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Hello! I am also looking for a pen pal 🙂 If you are interested I would love to hear back from you. Here is a little bit about myself. 


A little about me, I am recently married and almost 31 years old. We have two cats and a dog. I have been called an "old soul" my entire life which may be why I studied history and library science in college. I love history, listening and telling stories. I am really into puzzles, reading, gardening, baking, and crafts. I am currently learning cross stitch and baking.

Hi, Mrs. LadyKS,

I am sorry that you are going through this and I would like to be your Penpal. My name is Daisy, Katherine is my mother's name. I Look forward to speaking with you, 

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