Greetings fellow AARP members,

Actually when there was a line for 'Introducing yourself' I thought that it would take me to certain form just for that.  Now here I am doing it the best way I know how.  First of all you see I just enlarged the font size here which I do in all messages to just make it easier to read, maybe without any corrective lenses.  

Now I have been a member here for about three years now.  Although I am not retired, certainly this is the same with a number of us on here.  I am a security officer at the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC.  Here I have been for over four years now and probably will be riding it into the sunset.  I reside right across the Potomac in Virginia.  I will comment about the AARP, that probably the greatest advantage which I have received so far is in the learning about what to do for taking care of the self in various ways.  Anyhow if you like send me a message and we can chat about whatever there is.

Sincerely, Jerry Foley

Jerry M. Foley
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