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I am living with my daughter and son in law right now and they work during the day.  I take an exercise class at the local senior center, but find myself very lonely otherwise.  I am trying to get into the best situation mentally and physically that I can beause I have a surgery coming up in June, so finding some friendly voices to chat with would really help my well being.  I am an avid reader and love to play scrabble online.  My husband and I loved to travel when he was living but I am limited now.  I would be interested to know if anyone can recommend tour companies that cater to older seniors (I an 83) with somewhat limited mobility.  I can walk just fine but have to be slower and more careful than in my youngerf days.  

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@MaryC787403 Welcome to our community.  There is a community participant, UpperHandsPiano, who has a blog called that I just discovered.  You might enjoy some of her book selections.  So sorry for the lost of your husband.  Best of luck on your June surgery. 😷

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Look into your local senior center as they usually have varied activities from game playing with others, trips to be taken with in the state and going to lunch at various places along with shopping and medical appts. Or join a book club at your local library and they also have different speakers come and give talks about various subjects. You have to get out to meet others  and form friendships. Check with AAA to see if they can recommend a travel group. Or contact a travel agency to see if they sponsor such a venture...In our state we have Old Colony Senior who can point you in the direction that you are interested in as far as what is available and what is happening...Good Luch on your upcoming surgery in June ...

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