Interduce Myself, John 70

Hi, I am John, and I been looking for an area or chat area that I can chats with other women to be friends. I lost my wife in an accidental death on August 10th. Now, it's been 19 weeks and I would like to find friends to talk to and maybe become friends and meet and do things together. *personal information redacted* I would love to find someone to talk to. I like dogs and cats. I like to go bowling, take walks, watch movies and listen to oldies but goody music of the 60's, 70' & 80's.


I am 70 years young and have a kind heart since I been with the same woman for over 47 years,

John A Freeman
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Hello, John and welcome.  🙂

Apologies if this is a little late; I've been away for a couple days.  I think you will find lots of nice people to connect with here and look forward to getting to know you.  

Best, Tamara

People will stop asking you questions if you answer back in interpretive dance. - Meme
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Hi John, I also have been looking for someone to chat with. I am so sorry to read about your loss. John i am just looking for someone to chat with too. I also love animals. I have squirrel named Babycakes. My bowling average is between 165 - 190. Love oldies but goody music and TCM classic movies. I am new to the AARP pen pals. I thought I has made a connection but it didnt pan out. So anytime you want to talk Im here. My name is Dee. 


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