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Hello to all. I'm the new guy on the chat-block but I've been an AARP member for 7 or more years.  I've heard good things about the chat rooms and want to join but I can't seem to find them.   It took me over 1/2 hour just to find this page and now I'd like to find a few chat-pages of interest to me, but I don't know where to find them.  Thanx for anything you can offer and thanx for supporting AARP. 

If you don't find a reply to this posting, it's probably because I can't find it.

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@propman42 Welcome to the on-line community.  Dip your toe in and look around.  Soon you won't need your "water wings." 😄

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Welcome @propman42 and others that are starting to navigate the forums.

It can be tricky, but you can always ask for help.

I made a little quick graphic to help out for getting an emailed response when someone replies to a post you made. And how to book mark any thread you want to keep up with. 


For all kinds of notification ability, go into your settings in your profile, go into My Settings, then Subscriptions and Notifications. Go to Notifications and you can set up whatever you want to be notified about. It all depends on how many emails you want. 😊


Also, there are some helpful things in the forum under Technology at the About Our Community.


Here is the graphic. If you need any more, I will be happy to help.





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Its just not easy,especially for a teck dinosaur like me.. The best i can do is mention forums which i'm sure you have already done..Everyone here is happy to help if they can,they all welcome you here.. I'm so happy that i discovered this community so stay with it, don't allow the cloud of frustration to ruin this chance to connect.. You'll be happy you stuck with it..

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Believe me. With this site, I can totally understand. It's like navigating the Siberian roadway system.

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