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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening,

   My name is Shari, I am what I like to call semi-retired (I work with a nanny agency to continue my career as a nanny) as I have been at my career for over 40 years and love what I do. I am 65 years young (age is just a number), live in Illinois, which is where my late husband was born and raised. I am originally from Oregon, however have lived in California, Connecticut, and Colorado, also lived in Germany on my way to Illinois. I would love to move back to Colorado, which is where my late husband and I met. We have three daughters who are grown. I have one daughter who still lives with me, which is nice and although we work at different times it is nice to know someone is here. I also have a cat, he is seven months old.

   I enjoy many things from hand quilting to talking on long walks, I love to travel (of course not now), getting to know people (which is very hard now). I love to keep learning as this keeps my brain sharp and active, it is so easy to just sit and do nothing during this time of staying home and taking care of our health. Since I am an active person I have had to give myself permission to just sit and do nothing one day a week (my dad is the same way). 


Well, I have bored you enough with my intro, LOL, I hope to meet some of you through here!

God Bless,



Social Butterfly

Hi Shari,  It sound like you've figured how to enjoy life.


Thank you

Bronze Conversationalist

Morning, Shari!


Wow!  Being a nanny for over 40 years plus having three children of your own is being responsible for a lot of children in total.  I imagine you have many funny stories to tell!

I love to keep learning as well...both researching online and reading.  The world is an incredibly interesting place, isn't it?

Have a great Tuesday!  



HI Rosemary,

   One of the awesome things about being a nanny is that I learn so much from the children, and the stories that create from their imagination are great too. Today I was supposed to work and got lost trying to find the place, to the point of having a mini panic attack, so I am thinking of totally retiring, I don't want to but finally meeting new people may make it more real for me.

 I believe when we stop learning our minds start to go...


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Children have such free, unencumbered minds, don't they?  I have a great nephew who can come up with the most imaginative stories!   It's just fascinating to me what he can think up.


Sorry you had troubles getting to your work today.  I know sometimes I try to take a shortcut when I am pressed for time, and end up taking twice as long to get somewhere.  Oh...the places I've ended up!  Ha!

Well I hope tomorrow will be better for you.  




I got a write-up for today, my first one too, oh well, such is life. Not working the rest of the week either. I was in an unfamiliar area and readable street signs are unheard of (don't want to detract from the beauty I guess), tomorrow will be a better day. Although the rest of today was very nice and relaxing.

Yes, it is amazing what our young children can come up with to tell us, I remember my own daughters had some awesome make-believe stories and games. My grandchildren also had some interesting stories to tell when they were little (they are all late teens and twenties).

 Thank you for letting me vent alittle,


Bronze Conversationalist

I'm so sorry to hear you got a write-up.  What a bummer.

Do you have access to GPS?  Like in your car or maybe on your phone?

I'm wondering if that would help you find places in the future....

My niece lives on this crazy little street that's not even accessible without going from a street to a blvd, to her house.  It's really tucked away from a Main Street.  

I've had to use my GPS several times to get there.

Well, again, sorry the way things turned out for you!   😥


Good Afternoon Rosemary,

  Yes, my phone has GPS, however, I have noticed that once I get out of the city, it is the pits. I don't drive, so mass transit is my friend and normally works fantastic. Everything works out for a reason since my state has gone back to stay home if you don't have to go anywhere. 


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