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I know I am reasonably intelligent but I just don't get how to work this forum.  Perhaps others are having the same problems??  There are literally hundreds or more initial posts and I see lots of people introducing themselves - I did too quite some time ago - but not a lot of subsequent back and forth discussions among people.  I do see a few replies, but then everything just sort of goes away and people start new posts - maybe you all are communicating privately outside the forum?? When I try to respond to a post, the REPLY button is faded and will not allow me to click and respond.  Can someone tell me how to work this darn thing??


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If you are having trouble replying. Make sure that you are logged in first. Sometimes it may look like you are, but in fact you are not. 

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Hi, Terri.  No, you're not stupid, and you posted a valid concern.  I, too, posted an "Introduction" message when I first joined the Community.  I guess I expected a warm welcome, banner and all, but did not get that.  Crickets was all I got.  For those of us who were/are thinking that this might be some sort of dating app and/or a forum by which to put ourselves out there as "available", it isn't. I've changed my viewpoint since, and only visit whenever I want to read about other people's perspective on a variety of topics.

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Good Morning,

   I have the same issue, with these forums. Sometimes I can't reply for whatever reason, I just stay persistent though. 


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Thanks Shari.  It's very frustrating isn't it?!  I initially joined hoping to be able to meet someone with whom I could eventually develop a friendship -- especially in my area -- and maybe have a cuppa some day, but it seems almost impossible to ever get to know anyone better.  Maybe this forum is  too huge/unwieldy?? People just keep starting new threads instead of continuing old ones.  Thanks for your response.

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I also was hoping to meet people, and develop a friendship in my area, This is a huge and unwieldy forum. Yes, people do seem to just start new threads instead of keeping the old ones going, which could actually develop into great conversation starters.


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When responding to other users’ posts for penpals, dating, or for other communication, please do not post your personal information (email, address, phone number) in the forum.

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