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Sr./Subsidized Housing - Financial Resources - Link Card

I am looking for any information on:  Sr. and Subsidized Housing - Financial Resources - Link Card.

I have not worked since 2018, unfortunately, due to illness.  I have exhausted my Unemployment, Savings, and maxed-out my credit cards.  I recently relocated back to IL from New Mexico.

I am currently staying with a relative in Plainfield, IL, whose house is up for sale; they will be moving to Florida.

I want to move to the City of Chicago, northside area.  I would like a small One bdrm apt (w/amenities incl).  Thanks in advance for suggestions and information, greatly appreciated.

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Hello Tfharris02!   


I hope you have found what you needed by now but, just in case and for any future members that might need information, this is an excellent site to find the help needed. If anyone needs any personal assistance in looking around this site or anything else, please contact me and i will do my best to help.  I was a volunteer for Senior Corps here in Arizona and had to locate many resources for my clients. Good luck and God Bless!!


On this main page i find it easier to locate what i'm looking for by scrolling down to the bottom and clicking on the appropriate link(s):      Just look around and i hope you find what you need.

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Hello sunluver1943,

I really appreciate your response and the "links" you provided; I believe I have tried these, but will double-check to be sure.

What I'm finding is that these lists have waiting times that are insane (more than 5-25 years, WOW!!) and most offices are closed due to Corona Virus and are NOT accepting any intakes even via phone, let along in-person interviews.  (I keep getting the same response:  "when everything opens back up, call us back . . . . really??!!)  I'm wondering what people with children do, I feel for them.

I have to be out of the house where I'm currently living, it was SOLD, by or BEFORE June 9th!!  (fast approaching); however, I R-E-F-U-S-E to give up Hope and know that something will happen for me.

Again, thank you for your response and the information, it is sincerely appreciated.


With Prayers and Good Vibes,



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