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Has Anyone Bought or Sold A House? Did You Use A Realtor?

  • Is the house sold? If yes how long did it take to sell once it was put on the market?
  • Did you use a realtor or did everything yourself?
  • If you bought a house, how long did it take to move in once you found one?
  • If you are still looking for a house, how long have you been looking?
  • If your house is sell unsold, how long has it been for sale?
  • Do you plan on living in the house you bought or renting it out?
  • Any tips to share with us?
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While I haven't sold a house; homes are rising exponentially at this time.


My children just sold a house.


They, of course, used a realtor. To not use a realtor is a grave mistake.


They had 17 offers on the house in 24 hours.


Fifteen of the offers were over asking price.


Four of the offers were all cash, no mortgages to mess with.


They had a quick closing and were in their new house in thirty days.


Almost all markets are having this situation now.


It won't last forever though.

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Yes i agree @nctarheel Thanks for stopping by to share with us 🙂

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