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๐Ÿก Best Places to Live and Retire Now (AARP Article)

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Well Virginia where I am and Florida where I want to return to were NOT on this list! Now I seem to remember BOTH states being on lists for great retirement locations. Oh well, .....


๐Ÿ—ฃAARP, November 29, 2021.


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Nicole ๐Ÿก (Housing Forum)


Once a place becomes a "great place", (take New Mexico & Utah for example) believe me it will be exploited, to the point of "unaffordability" by developers, real-estate, & builders industry.  

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There are lots of quaint town pictures of what you can do in the summer. I wonder about the view from the rehab facility when you fall on the ice and break a hip. ๐Ÿ™‚

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I can understand wanting to move to Florida to retire but this retirement location article by AARP leads me to question their understanding of older people.


Why in the heck would an older person want to retire to Sioux Falls, South Dakota where record setting lows of -36 have been set, where snow is a common occurrence, and where the average winter temperatures are in the teens and twenty's. Same goes for another selection on this list. Why would anyone want to retire to Idaho Falls, Idaho? Same frigid reasons. There's ice to slip on, there are winter storms to trap you in your home, and there is little else in these states outside of the locales named in this list.


It just doesn't make sense to me.


AARP represents older people.


The two locales above, in my opinion, are dangerous places to retire for an older person.

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I got off tangent. No it does not make sense to me, yet go to a warmer area, housing running close to a half a mill, doubtful many will actually be able to afford to relocate. If you don't have a support network in the area you are going you are going to be taken super advantage of.   


Ill be stuck where I am being in a lower COL, relocating anywhere with a similar COL will just be in a similar climate. 

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Some people like cold weather ALOT more than hot weather and are quite happy to accept and live with the conditions that come with it....maybe figure it beats heat stroke and having everthing sticky....btw, put a few grains of uncooked rice in your salt shaker, it'll keep working fine in the summer.


I do know a few that don't mind the cold, I had a classmate retire to Green Bay, I told him I didn't think it was worth the bother we are almost as cold as there.   


Personally I've had enough winter to last my lifetime would not bother me if I never saw snow again (snowed last night here), nor should I be in it for health concerns, yet I will have to live where I can afford.   Life pretty much goes "on hold" from November till April, knowing how our weather gets here I would never plan anything in advance for those months.  


Noticed as I age I don't care for the extreme heat which I did not mind at all.  I still do get the summer humidity where I'm at too.  If I go I will have to do this entirely myself, my income can't compete with the average couple, & sometimes 2 can live cheaper than one, especially if they planned ahead.  


Cool tip on the salt, I lived much of my life w/o AC, wish I knew it earlier, think it could work for sugar with a small fabric bag of rice?





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...Been thinking about the Sugar thing...don't know.  Personally wouldn't want a fabric bag in anything that goes in/on food & beverages.  Might try making a Sugar Shaker by making the holes a little bigger and put some loose rice in that.


My sugar shaker has the cone & the 1/4" spout hole, though lately I've cut down on sugar, & just take it with a scoop for Iced Tea, so it stays in a sealed container, no issues & I have AC now that prevents much of that.


If your Brown Sugar Clumps, just wet a paper towel fold it up, & place it in a container sealed for a week or so.   

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