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What are two things that happened recently that you’re grateful for?

Studies have shown that gratitude has a positive impact on our physical and psychological health. In these times, it's especially important to take a moment to reflect on what you are thankful for. Share two things that have happened to you recently that you're grateful for 💗


 I'll start -

  1. I am thankful for technology as it allows me to stay connected with my family that lives 1,000+ miles away. I was able to celebrate my dad's birthday last week and Mother's Day yesterday using facetime. It's funny, I use video chat with my family way more now than before stay-at-home and COVID-19.
  2. I appreciate all of the frontline workers, but I'm especially grateful for my dog's vet this week. She came down with a really bad bacterial infection almost two weeks ago, and the vet gave her top-notch care. Going to the vet now is very different!

Health and my family 


1) I am grateful to the people who listen to the health experts and wear masks while out in public.  2) I am also grateful to the comedians who make me laugh. A good laugh is really helpful in these difficult times. 

Periodic Contributor

1) I was able to speak to my younger brother who was dying of brain cancer thanks to a family friend who called me in Thailand so that I could say goodbye to my brother in hospice. He passed away the next day surrounded by his wife and children. May he rest in peace. He is in a better place. 


2) I am safely in Thailand (population 70 million) during the covid-19 crisis, where there have been 3,100++ cases and only 58 people died. Thank you to the Thai Government's public health officials who managed the crisis admirably. 


Life and family

Trusted Contributor

Thanks for sharing the Thai view. Best to you.

1. I am grateful to have recovered from Covid 19 and to be Covid negative. 

2. I am grateful to have job security working as an LPN. 

Regular Contributor

I am grateful for my amazing grandsons and family.  I am grateful to have my dog.  


I I’m grateful for the continuos healing process of my daughter with acquired TBI in an accident 4 years ago.

I am grateful for all the people that had helped us in the process.

I should said first that I’m grateful to God, without the strength he has given me I’m sure I couldn’t bear this.

Now I’m a caregiver, a mother, a therapist and psychologist.

English is not my first language, sorry for the mistakes.

Super Contributor

1. I am grateful for my families health, safety, optimism, and joy.


2. I am also grateful that I am able to work from home with a steady income.

Social Butterfly

1. I am grateful no one in my family has suffered from the corona virus.









Thank Jesus Christ for waking me every day and He has kept me safe and my family.These are the two things that has happened to me 

Trusted Contributor

1. I am grateful my employer is allowing me to work remotely and still collect a paycheck.

2. I am grateful for those agencies, companies, organizations and individual people stepping up to help those in need.


My family and my health 

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