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What Is The On-Line Community For?

For me, it's to inform, entertain, inspire, bring levity ( yes, please, more ) and be a place where people can share their views in a safe,  welcoming, positive, encouraging environment.  

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I think it's a great place to exchange views, hear other people's life experiences, learn things that I might not have known, and have a laugh or two. I miss the political comments and it seems that losing it drove away a lot of the male writers. I'm happy that there are still comment sections started by you ChristineH635132,  DeahC77388, and a few others that interest me and it's much appreciated. I'm curious to see how others respond to your question. 

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I'm curious too @postman29 .  You made a good point about the political forum.  Was never on it, and don't really talk about politics, but I know it's a popular ( and sometimes heated) topic.  Sounds like some were not able to follow the guidelines.  Politics and religion, will probably always be hot button topics. It's just important to be respectful when disagreeing, or simply "agree to disagree."  Thank you for your kind words.  Deah does have great things to share.  Janet shared a beautiful poem she wrote under my Joy or Happiness question, that was fantastic! Check it out.  As always, thank you for responding.

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That's a great question @ChristineH635132 , and I hope there are many answers to it. I've been a participant in a lot of forums for many years -- 20?? -- and one observation is that each one reflects the character and purpose of the owning organization or person. I'd be curious to know what AARP envisioned this online community to be when establishing this platform.


There is such great potential here to inform, entertain, inspire, bring levity, share, discuss, and combat loneliness and isolation that often comes with aging.  But this community isn't active enough to provide much of that. 


I wonder if AARP would consider redesigning the platform to make it more user-friendly and provide better UX (tech talk for user experience)?



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@DeahC77388  That sounds like a great idea.  I have very little tech experience, but there could be some improvements for such.

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