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Thanks Health Heroes!

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Nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, and family caregivers are heroes on the front lines caring for people dealing with the coronavirus. Hit reply and share your photos and videos of what you and your family (in self-quarantine) are doing to show your appreciation in this forum by May 8, and you may be selected to be used in an AARP “Thank you” project!


Thank you , thank you , thank you.  You not the politicians are making great. Along with all the people who have kept us going and defeat this virus. Stay Strong. 


There are so many of you out there fighting the fight and giving so much of yourselves to keep the rest of us safe and for that there is not enough we can do in return. I just want to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart and let you all know I appreciate everything you sacrifice to do this. 

Thank you for helping all humankind throughout this COVID-19 pandemic and for all you do all the time.  Godspeed.


To all our health care workers, including the many in care facilities and care homes caring for our most vulnerable loved ones, a big loving THANK YOU.





Thank you for all you are doing,


From one with a chronic disease whom you have already helped for so many years - thank you from the bottom of my heart. Since 1992 I have been blessed with care by some of the best doctors in my community. Now it looks like the “best in the community” and elsewhere are risking their lives to save others in the center of this pandemic. Thank you again and stay as safe as you can. 

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