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Summer Garden

June 9, 2019


Hello Community,

It has been a while since touching base with you. Still recovering from my

fall two (2 yrs.) ago , and facing a complete knee replacement on one knee

from the same fall. There are  5 meniscus tears and they are getting painful.


However, it’s Gardening time. Already got my raised garden ready for planting.

Now let me suggest for those in their homes or apartments with a balcony. Get

something into the soil. Good idea since “Mexico” is involved in the Tariffs. You will be surprised how many veggies can be grown in a pot or container. Fresh

and delicious enough to share.


So until I get my nerves up for this  surgery I with my son will raised veggies again. It’s really fun for me and keeps my mind off of my health issues for a while. 


So, I hope that you join me this year and use your “Green Thumb.”


Happy Summer and Gardening! 

            Be Blessed!

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My husband and I are both now retired and we love our little garden.  It doesn't take up much room on our 1 acre lot but it's surprising how much can be grown in that space.  As far as we're concerned, it's good for your healty and good for your soul.

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