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Silver Sneakers Online Yoga Classes

I was diagnosed with mild scoliosis of the spine in 2019. My doctor prescribed regular yoga classes. Silver Sneakers has the best system of yoga classes I have found – online, live, advanced, 45-minutes long. For one year, I was taking the Silver Sneakers classes three times per week and could feel real improvement. For example, joint pain decreased or disappeared altogether, and my posture was much better. Then I made the mistake of switching to the AARP UnitedHealth Care Advantage plan without realizing they do not support Silver Sneakers. I am desperate to get back into my yoga routine without having to wait a year to switch Medicare plans. Although UnitedHealth offers online exercise classes, they are NO match to Silver Sneakers. Worse, I am starting to feel my progress reverse - severe leg cramps at night, swollen hands in the morning. How do we get AARP to bring back SS?

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