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Senior citizens and every-day needs

Small print. Medicine bottles, any bottles with instructions.  The print ca only be read with a magnifying glass.

Safety of medicines.. Yes, we need to keep children safe from bottles of pills.  But seniors who take pills are having more and more difficulty opening lids and tabs. Our strength is weakened and arthritis hurts.

Groceries.. There are a few canned vegetables that come in small cans for an older single person.  So much is "family sized."  I know packaging is expensive, but supermarkets should stock smaller sized options.

Big and bigger containers. It's getting more and more difficult to find the small jugs of washing detergents.  Simply getting them into a grocery cart and out and on to a shelf at home hurts my back. It would be nice for product-makers to consider needs of "boomers."  There ARE a LOT of us!

Does anyone have these or similar issues?

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Thank you Social Butterfly.  I do appreciate your comments, but I hadn't made my first post particularly clear as to my issue.  What I would like is for someone at AARP to consider doing research and an article regarding big business and their consideration of senior citizens.  I know we are not the target population in many areas.  My concern about opening bottles isn't for Rx medication, but for OTC and removing so-called safety measures.  I, too, shy away from any food--frozen or canned--with sodium.  I know smaller packaging of virtually anything costs more and we DO need to use fewer plastics,'s still frustrating.  Again, I've been unable to find a person or a unit at AARP that might be interested in pursuing everyday needs of seniors.  AARP is doing a great job when it comes to dealing with technology.  Again, thanks for your comments.

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I know that the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar have the small size of Tide  also our market does have the small cans of vegetables in cans but I buy frozen as the salt content in the can is not recommended for me due to BP problems..They do have caps on meds that I believe you can request from the pharmacy ask them to see if they have them...I do agree with you on the "fine print: you need a magnifying glass to read...Make sure you always check your prescriptions while in the pharmacy for once you leave the store no returns on prescriptions atleast in my locale that's the case..Also when taking a new prescripton ask for less like a week to allow yourself to see if you're allergic to it instead of the 30 or so cap/tablets...If you're insurance doesn't cover see if one of the other savings cards do like AARP/AAA or one of those script cards that you see for a savings..There is always markets that deliver for a small fee about $10.00 this might save you from going out in the winter months to do this and you can see what you're getting and no impulse buying unless you choose to do it ordering..You pick the day and time and delivery to your door.. Whether or not the savings is realized delivery fee vs gas and time are worth it to you..Coupons are accepted atleast at where I do my shopping no hassel with bags and waiting in line...I wish there were smaller portions of meat cuts to meet a single person or two needs but you can always separate and freeze...

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