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Meaghan's Suicidal Thoughts

What are your thoughts and/or experience with this?


Personally her story helped me to realize that we should not be ashamed of these thoughts. We have lost so many people of all ages worldwide because they were too ASHAMED to ask for help. I am hoping her story will help to save lives.


On a personal note, there are many nights like now at 11pm when my neighbors from HELL above me do not CARE that I am stuck below them - will NOT let me sleep - I want go to sleep and never wake up. Exhausted, pissed off and frustrated about my housing options 😞


Of course I get over my MELTDOWN after texting my daughter. She knows from experience what I am dealing with. She keeps me ENCOURAGED 🙂


Now to HOPE I can find a tiny cottage to rent here in Virginia 🙂


Miss having peace and quiet and my outside garden, nature, sitting on my porch, clothes line and so on 😞

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Did you ever notice that suicides are much more common among mass murderers than the general population?  Gee, if only there was a way to reduce suicides and mass murders at the same time.

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Hi @Anonymous - this is a really important topic and I'm glad you brought it up. Suicidal ideation is real, it can happen to anyone, and it is always to be taken seriously. If you are having suicidal thoughts or feeling suicidal, please call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 800-273-8255. You are not alone.


I've benefitted from speaking to a therapist and doing healing work. It's not easy, but being more self-aware has helped me significantly. I'm also lucky to have a small and loyal support group of family and friends. If I'm in a dark place, I can rely on them to help me navigate it safely.


I'm sorry to hear that your neighbors are disrespectful. Do you have a landlord or property manager you could speak to about the noise? I live by a very busy street in DC, and there are always sirens and noise. I now sleep with a white noise machine and it helps drown those noisy sounds out. Hoping you find the little cottage of your dreams soon! 🤞

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Hi @AARPRachelA I am sure Meaghan received support, but sometimes you have to REMOVE yourself from your TRIGGERS. Proud of her and her husband for WALKING AWAY like Dianne did. I too WALKED AWAY from family drama in Florida in 2015. NEVER going back. As far as neighbors, they are who they are and when you complain, you ever get more of what you are complaining about or get evicted. Well that is what happens here, so time for me to WALK AWAY. Where did you find your White Noise Machine? During the HOT Summer months, my HUGE cheap Walmart brand floor fan works as WHITE NOISE 🙂 🙂 🙂 The other months, like now (Spring) too COLD to use fan. Thanks for the suggestion. Yes, got to find my rental tiny cottage soon.

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💯 agree on the need to sometimes remove yourself from your triggers. I was oblivious to my triggers and would often dissociate, but now I am getting better at recognizing when I am triggered. I have a self-care plan in place to help myself through it. Sometimes, it's easier said than done, though! I'm glad you were able to navigate your way through with your family and get yourself into a safe space.


The white noise machine I have is old and I can't find it anywhere, but I found that Walmart has some. I know you shop there so you could probably pick one up next time you're there! 

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