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How do you get in your NEAT every day?

NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis, is "everything we do that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise" and is an important way to stay healthy.


What do you do throughout your day to move and burn calories that is not considered a workout (laundry, shopping, playing with grandkids, etc.)?

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I do the 12 ounce curl several times a day!


I have two dogs, one of which is blind but highly active. I need to walk the dogs separately so that I can act as the eyes of the blind dog. That comes out to 6-8 walks each day, one long and the rest short. I also keep a 20 by 40 foot garden year round, growing veggies, herbs, and flowers without power tools. I sew (clothing and home decor), quilt, and cook from scratch to manage cholesterol.


I own a wonderful horse and drive three miles to see him six days a week. Then I spend 2-4 hours with him, riding, grooming, doctoring when needed, and scooping poop as necessary. hauling hay, lifting a 30 lb saddle, dragging 40 lb bags of grain are all part of my weekly activity. He's sweetheart and the exercise keps me fit.

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My favorite NEAT activity is doing yardwork (i.e. mowing the lawn, cutting/trimming the bushes, pulling the weeds by hand, organizing and re-organizing the garage after each yard duty).  Another way I sneak in some NEAT on an almost daily basis is when at work, I pace while waiting for the microwave to reheat my dinner meal.  Another thing I do is bringing up from the basement only a few laundered items that I might need for just that day.  Thus, causing me to have to go up and down the stairs several times a day or several times during the week.  Finally, every time I lift something heavy like an ex-large bag of bird food or a 32 count case of water, I make sure to do a complete squat while doing so.  Nothing like a squat for the thighs and the ol' gluteus maximus and it helps save the back from strain as well.

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Been daily walking in Santa Fe 3+ miles since June 2015

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We live on a few acres. Weeding, pruning trees and shrubs, mowing the lawn (walk behind, no tractor), tending to veggie garden, cutting/splitting/hauling/stacking firewood. Endless maintenance in general to yard, house, and small barn.

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