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Gardening - Herb Spirals

Hey fellow gardeners, I know you're anticipating the new seed catalogs and dreaming of your next garden. 🙂 Growing herbs is generally pretty easy and great for both the culinary and health benefits of these tasty, medicinal plants. One way to grow a large variety of herbs in a small space is using an "herb spiral". This is simply a mound of soil about 4' tall and 6' in diameter. Herbs are planted around this mound based on their water and sunlight requirements, as shown in the diagram. Herbs that prefer drier conditions are planted higher, plants that require full sun are planted on the south side, watering is done from the top and allowed to soak downwards. Adding rocks, empty wine bottles, or other barriers in a spiral down the mound helps both stabilize and beautify the arrangement. Since many herbs don't need deep soil to grow, the entire mound doesn't need to be dirt. You can build up the pile using rocks, bricks, or cheaper-quality fill dirt and then place 8"-10" of higher-quality gardening soil over the "filler".

Herb spiral gardenHerb spiral garden

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