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Foods to Have in Your Freezer This Winter

When stay-at-home began last March, a lot of folks started using their freezers more efficiently to avoid having to go to the store so often. What foods do you have in your freezer to use this winter?


Currently, I have all sorts of meats that were vacuum sealed. I load up on breads and then freeze them too. Additionally, I've taken fresh herbs and put them into ice cube trays. I do a quick blanch with boiling water, and then once they've cooled I put them in the freezer. I also have frozen stock in ice cube trays. And of course, ripe bananas to use for baking.


Check out this article for inspiration and ideas: What You Should Have in Your Freezer This Winter.

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Lots of venison and wild pig, the most expensive free meats you can get. Lol!



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