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Do You Follow An Eating Plan?

First, "eating plan" implies something that you maintain as a lifestyle.  "Diet" implies something you do for a limited time. That being said, my eating plan is mostly vegetarian with occasional fish.  So, lots of veggies, fruit, nuts, seeds, whole grains, eggs, dairy, healthy fats and some wild-caught salmon or tuna. I'm not perfect,  still splurge now and then on ice cream and pizza. 

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@ChristineH635132 No doubt you will live forever. 😉  My basic plan is to eat at least twice a day whether I want to or not. LOL  Seriously tho, from your list I just bought salmon and egg salad today and got nuts and seeds in the mail.


I've heard conflicting opinions about the eat right for your type dietary advice, but I do know as an O blood type, I should do better as a carnivore, and that's fairly true in terms of energy, but truly if I couldn't eat butter, cheese, sour cream, and other dairy, I think what would be the point in living. LOL! 😋


Consolation -- yesterday I did have seafood enchiladas with beans and rice. And a lovely lime drink, blended, hold the salt. That must get me points in nutrition heaven, right? 🤣

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@DeahC77388  Hello forum friend!  I had an egg salad sandwich for lunch.  Instead of mayo and/or mustard, I mashed an avocado. Yum. If the eat right for your blood type really works, I should mostly be eating vegetarian, which I do.  Posted, read some sites and played a few games.  Loving Codeword.  Hope your book writing is going well. will be back tomorrow.

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Avocado, yum! That idea almost is tantilizing enough to get me to boil an egg. I do love avocado on toast for breakfast.


I did get past a writer's / researcher's block today and got a section done. Just one more to go, then a good edit and done. Yay!


Have a great evening!

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