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Coronavirus and the retired seniors

Why dosen't AARP offer to help its members? The only information I receive, from AARP, is requests to send them more money! My wife and I have been confined to our home for nine days and are running out of supplies. The last time we went to the store, most of the shelves were empty of essential items. We don't want to risk going out again to find empty shelves since we are in the high risk group. We are also retired and on a fixed income. After medical costs my wife gets $59 from SSA and I only have a small pension check, after health care premiums are deducted. I know others have it worse than us however I wish AARP would stop begging me for money. I bet Jo Ann Jenkins has plenty of groceries.  


The information that you brag about AARP providing can be obtained by watching CNN or any local news station. AARP is only providing redundant information to it's members and asking for more money to pay their staff and CEO. 


What a complete cop-out. What do I pay dues for if you (AARP) want me to make political contacts and find help for myself with senior issues. The emails I get from AARP wants me to give more money! What is AARP doing with all of the money they collect? How much money is the CEO pulling down per year? Why don't you help your members instead of repeated attempts to get more money from seniors on a fixed income. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

AARP has been working to promote the health and well-being of older Americans for more than sixty years. We are here for our members. AARP is providing information and resources to help older people and those caring for them protect themselves from the virus and prevent it from spreading to others. I encourage you to check them out at and to read the letter CEO Jo Ann Jenkins sent to all members last week:


For getting supplies, we suggest that you reach out to friends or loved ones who may be able to shop for you. Delivery is also an option that many stores provide so you can remain at home. More information is in this article:


In the face of the coronavirus outbreak, there has never been a more important time to advocate for those who count on us. AARP is urging Congress to take aggressive steps now to protect older Americans during this extremely challenging time.


To date, our advocacy efforts have helped secure funding for health providers to address the crisis, paid sick and family leave, greater access to telehealth for people on Medicare, and to increase access and affordability of health care. Due to an enormous number of inquiries from older Americans, we called on the federal government to extend the income tax filing deadline until July 15, 2020. We were pleased that change was made.


As Congress works on a third package to respond to this emergency, we urge them to be especially mindful of older adults, who are most at risk from this disease. Congress should immediately take aggressive steps to improve nursing home care, target financial relief to those who need it most, expand access to health care, lower prescription drug prices and other health care costs, and expand nutrition assistance.


The best thing you can do right now is to call your Senators and ask them to include this in their package. They need to hear from their constituents who are being impacted and to understand your concerns. Call the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121 and they'll connect you with your Senators.

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